Sublime Monoaki across Chrome & Terminal

I spend all day using tools like Chrome, Sublime Text, and Terminal. A few months ago I spent a few hours customizing them to make them easier on the eyes. Here are some of my best plugins.


I’ve really grown to love the Monoaki color scheme in Sublime Text. I found a plugin to make Terminal match. It’s a little thing, but somehow makes a big difference.

Download the Monokai.terminal theme here.

I’m also using a customization to the Bash prompt written by my friend Jesse Earle. My Bash prompt now shows me my current Git branch, and my current directory (so nice having it in front of you). It also uses funny emojis to separate the lines. bash_profile can be downloaded here.


Chrome DevTools

I found a theme for Chrome’s DevTools with a darker background and higher contract colors than default. It makes a lot of difference. It’s not exactly Monokai, but it’s a lot easier to look at than the default white.

The installation is a little tricky, but worth it.

Chrome DevTools

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