Sails.js is awsome

I’ve been experimenting with Sails.js. It’s a relatively new MVC framework which brings us closer to a Ruby on Rails grade solution for Javascript.

If you have Node.js, just plug this into your terminal. (on Window you don’t need to sudo).

$ sudo npm -g install sails

Then it’s super easy to fire up an app.

$ sails new demo-app 
$ cd demo-app
$ sails generate api users
$ sails lift

Then point your browser to


Bingo bango. You just created an app, fired up a server, and created a new record. Pretty easy huh? You can do a lot of cool stuff with Sails.js, before even writing any code for it.

Try it out yourself. Head over to the Sails.js Get Started page. The guy who made it has has a great 15 minute walkthrough video.

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